Full Mouth Restorations in Cincinnati, OH

Full-mouth reconstruction, full-mouth rehabilitation, and full-mouth restoration are all names that refer to the procedure of rebuilding or restoring all of the teeth in both the upper and lower jaws at the same time. Your dentist, who has years of expertise dealing with full-mouth reconstruction materials and methods, will create a plan that meets all of your demands and leaves you with a flawless smile, ideal bite, and optimal function.

You may be a candidate for full-mouth reconstruction if:

  • Your teeth have been lost due to decay or trauma
  • Your teeth have been injured or fractured
  • Your teeth have become severely worn because of long-term acid erosion (from foods, beverages, or acid reflux)
  • You have ongoing jaw, muscle, or headache pain related to your bite

The extent of your reconstruction will depend on the condition of your teeth. Your dentist may recommend crowns, bridges, veneers, or implants to restore your smile to its best possible condition. He or she will also address the state of your gum tissue, as the health of your gums may impact the type of restorations you receive.

Full mouth restorations are a comprehensive treatment. Restorations of this scale can require a lot of experience. Our team has the skill and experience to correct orthodontic problems, congenital tooth defects, and even years of neglect and wear. While the initial visual improvements can be seen quickly, it is not your total smile makeover.

Affordable Smile Makeovers In Cincinnati

Restorations and smile makeovers are a sophisticated and extensive procedure that requires years of practice. To create a useful, healthy, and long-lasting result, it takes not just experience, but also extensive planning and attention to detail. Our team goes to great lengths to guarantee that your restoration improves both your oral health and your self-esteem.

Your treatment plan will include a step-by-step procedure that will cover every part of your reconstruction. The length of your treatment will be determined by the amount of work required, but it will all be worth it in the end. For the rest of your life, your teeth, mouth, and smile will be healthy and beautiful. To find out if a complete mouth reconstruction is suitable for you, contact our Cincinnati office today to book a consultation.

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Susan Irvine
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Great experience. I have been to a few dentists and this one is the best! They are not too quick to recommend replacing crowns like some others. I had a crown replaced which I dreaded but it was easy and painless. The staff provides clear information and the office is very clean.
Kathy Kathman
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Love this office. The entire staff is so friendly. My dental hygienist is wonderful and always shares information with me and answers all my questions. Dr. Bartish is very friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist!
Nick Rhein
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Just left a long appointment where Dr. Bartish and several assistants missed their lunch hour to make sure they took really good care of me in the dentist's chair--that's really putting patients first. Top notch dentistry, excellent atmosphere and people.
Ellen Grimme
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As wonderful an experience as visiting the dentist could be. Dental hygienist, Nicole, is an angel. Gentle and explaining every step. Dr Bartish is extremely knowledgeable, caring and informative of all procedures. Excellent rapport with all. Polite and caring staff. Dr Bartish took out old fillings that were so old they were ready to fall out. Did all dental work at one time...painless and not bad at all. Such a skilled, knowledgeable, great dentist. Staff is wonderful too!!

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