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While many patients think of the field of general dentistry as being simply hygiene, general dentistry can involve chipped and cracked teeth, tooth restorations, fillings, implants, crowns, and much more! At Velle Dental, our veteran dental team provides a wide array of general dentistry services to our patients in a relaxing and enjoyable treatment atmosphere to help our patients achieve their healthiest and brightest smiles yet.

A wide array of oral health complications such as missing teeth, cavities, tooth root infections, and other complications can be addressed through general dentistry:

Restorations to Dental Implants

One of today’s best options for tooth replacement, the team at Velle Dental is able to provide patients with exceptional dental implant restorations right here in our office that allow patients to preserve and protect their jawbone while also chewing, speaking, and smiling with complete comfort and confidence. Our veteran team is able to provide implants to first time patients, and also perform maintenance to existing implants.

Root Canal Therapy

For tooth roots that become infected, a root canal may be necessary to remove this infected material and save the tooth frm extraction. Our team leverages advanced endodontic technologies to be able to remove infected tooth material with complete accuracy, and then seal the tooth, protecting it from future infection. In many cases, root canals may be considered to be a part of general dentistry.

Pediatric Dentistry

It’s vital that children receive exceptional dental care starting at an early age to guarantee that any minor oral health concerns are addressed early on, preventing these small concerns from becoming larger complications. Through routine exams and cleanings, your child is best protected from long-term oral health complications. These exams also give your pediatric dentist the chance to ensure that your child’s teeth and jaw grow in properly, with minor issues in physical development being much easier to spot an an early age than during adulthood.

Crown & Bridge Restorations and Maintenance

Dental crowns and bridges help patients achieve a brighter, bolder, and fuller smile through the use of these two time-tested and fan-favorite restorative dentistry solutions. Crowns are typically made of porcelain, and are made to mimic natural teeth. These crowns are connected to existing natural teeth for support, and offer an incredible amount of support and strength to restored teeth.

Our team is able to offer brand new crowns and bridges to patients, or restorations to existing crowns and bridge work.

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are a benchmark treatment of general dentistry that millions of patients require each year in the United States. Dental fillings become necessary when a patient does not brush and floss as much as they should, resulting in moderate to severe tooth decay. Our office uses composite fillings that look and feel completely natural, and that leave your teeth with a strong seal that protects your tooth from further decay for years.

Temoromandibular Jaw (TMJ) Therapy

Jaw pain, or when it progresses, called temporomandibular jaw pain, is a common jaw complications that can result from teeth grinding, excessive biting, or genetic predispositions. Our team is able to help patients treat their TMJ through the use of custom mouth guards and other appliances that help to greatly reduce the pain associated with TMJ. The treatments we offer help to actually correct the issues that cause TMJ, with is damaged or misaligned jaw tissue, to prevent TMJ symptoms from continuing in the future.

Oral Surgery

Some patients may require certain oral surgeries such as wisdom tooth extractions or reconstructive operations to the teeth and jaw. For any oral surgery work that is needed, we can either perform these surgeries directly in our office, or by referring patients out to one of the many exceptional surgeons that we’re in network with.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about any of the above general dentistry services!

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Susan Irvine
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Great experience. I have been to a few dentists and this one is the best! They are not too quick to recommend replacing crowns like some others. I had a crown replaced which I dreaded but it was easy and painless. The staff provides clear information and the office is very clean.
Kathy Kathman
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Love this office. The entire staff is so friendly. My dental hygienist is wonderful and always shares information with me and answers all my questions. Dr. Bartish is very friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist!
Nick Rhein
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Just left a long appointment where Dr. Bartish and several assistants missed their lunch hour to make sure they took really good care of me in the dentist's chair--that's really putting patients first. Top notch dentistry, excellent atmosphere and people.
Ellen Grimme
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As wonderful an experience as visiting the dentist could be. Dental hygienist, Nicole, is an angel. Gentle and explaining every step. Dr Bartish is extremely knowledgeable, caring and informative of all procedures. Excellent rapport with all. Polite and caring staff. Dr Bartish took out old fillings that were so old they were ready to fall out. Did all dental work at one time...painless and not bad at all. Such a skilled, knowledgeable, great dentist. Staff is wonderful too!!

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