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Dental emergencies can occur at any time. When they do, how swiftly you act determines whether they have a positive or negative outcome! Our experienced dental staff at Velle Dental has years of experience responding to and treating dental emergencies, and we have both the skills and treatment protocols to ensure the best possible outcome from your dental emergency. While there are many different forms of dental emergencies, all of them require immediate thought and action.

Chipped or cracked teeth, moderate to severe tooth pain or toothache, and pain or swelling of the jaw are all common dental emergencies. Our staff has been trained in the most up-to-date treatment techniques for dealing with dental emergencies, and they are prepared to help you if and when you have one. Get in touch with the Velle Dental staff if you have a dental emergency!


When a dental emergency happens, it’s critical to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible, because many different dental emergencies can result in infections and tooth chipping, which can lead to infections and emergencies elsewhere in the mouth and body. If you have tooth pain, jaw pain, a chipped or fractured tooth, or any other dental emergency, make an appointment with our emergency dentistry experts as soon as possible. If the bleeding cannot be stopped by applying a warm, damp cloth to the bleeding area, go to the emergency department right away.


  • Fast Diagnosis of Emergency Conditions – We’re able to diagnose emergency conditions quickly to best apply treatments in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Efficient Relief of Pain and Discomfort– we know that dental pain, even when non-severe, can be incredibly distracting and a hinderance to qualify of life. That’s why our team focusses on being able to alleviate tooth and jaw pain quickly!
  • An Experienced and Knowledgeable Team – We’ve seen virtually any kind of dental emergency you can imagine, and our team is ready and waiting to address any dental emergencies you may be experiencing!
  • Our team of veterans is ready and prepared to respond to your dental emergency!


Seeing our team at Velle Dental for an emergency dental appointment begins with contacting us and communicating your emergency. Our team will discuss the emergency you’re experiencing, as well as whether or not you should come in right away, go to the emergency room, or if you actually require emergency treatments in the first place.

A dental emergency can take many shapes and forms, and acting fast is the key to a successful and speedy recovery. If you’re experiencing severe tooth or jaw pain, tooth chipping or cracking, an adult tooth that has become loose, or swollen gums, get in touch with our team as soon as you can.


  1. When seeing us for a dental emergency, treating any pain or discomfort you’re experiencing will be the first thing our team addresses. Once this pain has been addressed, we’ll then move to treating the emergency itself, whether that be a chipped tooth, or bleeding.
  2. Then, our team will examine the entire mouth and jaw tissue to identify specifically what the emergency is that you’re experiencing. When necessary, we’ll leverage x-rays and digital imaging and scanning technology to best diagnose your emergency.
  3. To conclude, we’ll apply whatever treatments will be most effective in addressing your dental emergency. Severe tooth pain may be alleviated by a root canal procedure, or chipped teeth, for example, can be fixed with dental bonding.

When a dental emergency strikes, trust the veteran dental emergency team at Velle Dental to provide you with top-notch and top-rated emergency dentistry service.


1. When should I see a dentist after a dental emergency occurs?

The absolute best time to respond to a dental emergency is immediately. When a dental emergency strikes, be sure to get into your dentist as soon as possible. If excessive bleeding occurs, make your way to the emergency room as soon as you can.

2. How can broken teeth be fixed?

Broken teeth can be addressed through dental bonding and other restorative treatments that either reattach the parts of the tooth that have chipped or broken off, or with synthetic materials. Broken teeth should be fixed immediately as to avoid infections spreading inside the tooth and to other parts of the body, so be sure to see our team as soon as you can to have broken and chipped teeth corrected.

3. I’m not from this local area and I have a dental emergency – can I see you?

Emergency walk-ins, even those from out-of-town, are welcome at Velle Dental. Even if you’re not from the Cincinnati area, the emergency dentistry team at Velle Dental is able to see you.

4. How do I best address my dental emergency before coming to your office?

Before coming into see an emergency dentist, there are certain steps that should be taken to best address the dental emergency before seeking professional help. For bleeding, place a warm, damp cloth on the bleeding area. If this bleeding does not subside, make your way to the emergency room. For teeth that have been knocked out, place the tooth in a glass of cold milk before making your way to our office.

When it comes to any dental emergency, fast action is the key to a successful outcome! If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, whether you’re based in the Cincinnati area or not, our emergency dentistry team is available to treat your emergency.

Get in touch with our team when a dental emergency strikes!

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Great experience. I have been to a few dentists and this one is the best! They are not too quick to recommend replacing crowns like some others. I had a crown replaced which I dreaded but it was easy and painless. The staff provides clear information and the office is very clean.
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Love this office. The entire staff is so friendly. My dental hygienist is wonderful and always shares information with me and answers all my questions. Dr. Bartish is very friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist!
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Just left a long appointment where Dr. Bartish and several assistants missed their lunch hour to make sure they took really good care of me in the dentist's chair--that's really putting patients first. Top notch dentistry, excellent atmosphere and people.
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As wonderful an experience as visiting the dentist could be. Dental hygienist, Nicole, is an angel. Gentle and explaining every step. Dr Bartish is extremely knowledgeable, caring and informative of all procedures. Excellent rapport with all. Polite and caring staff. Dr Bartish took out old fillings that were so old they were ready to fall out. Did all dental work at one time...painless and not bad at all. Such a skilled, knowledgeable, great dentist. Staff is wonderful too!!

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